About Us

Janik and Iris Ricke from Uetze have made it their mission to bring delicious, high-quality wine from small family-run wineries in Germany’s wine-growing regions to Lower Saxony. Find out more about the motives and the story behind the Rebenross.

Janik Ricke

Janik Ricke

I have been closely connected to agriculture and nature since my childhood. As an agricultural machinery mechanic, I learnt about the importance of agriculture at an early age, supported by my parents’ agricultural activities as a sideline. Even as a child, I was fascinated by tractors and had a collection of different models at home. After my vocational baccalaureate in electrical engineering, I successfully studied industrial engineering at Bachelor’s level and later at Master’s level. During a semester abroad in Ireland, I discovered my passion for good drinks and the culture that accompanies them, which later inspired me to found Rebenross. I currently work in technical project management in the automotive industry.

I am firmly rooted in my home town and am actively involved in the volunteer fire brigade. With a background as a patent engineer in the automotive industry, I recognised the importance of innovation and creativity, which encouraged me to start my own business. Since 2020, the Rebenross has allowed me to combine my love of nature, hiking and high-quality wines, and I am always on the lookout for new experiences in the vineyards.

Iris Ricke

As a passionate traveller, my journey began after leaving school with an apprenticeship as a tourism agent in a travel agency. An internship in New Zealand at a backpacker travel agency opened up a world of travelling to me and introduced me to my love of Chardonnay. My studies in tourism management at the Harz University of Applied Sciences and the Universidad de Deusto in San Sebastian, Spain, deepened my knowledge and passion for wine, especially during the wine evenings in the bars of the Basque city. During my studies I met Janik, with whom I share not only my passion for good wines, but also an interest in hiking through vineyards.

Today I work as a consultant in tourism and regional consulting and take every opportunity to travel and explore local wines and hiking trails. My dream of opening a small wine bar on our farm accompanies me on my journey through the world of tourism and wine culture.

Recognised consultant for German wine

Our company history began with our participation in the German Wine Institute seminar, which trained us to become recognised consultants for German wine. The intensive programme covered all facets of German wine, from the most important grape varieties to sensory analysis and wine law. This in-depth training forms the foundation of our passion and expertise for wine.

Business registration

In October 2020, we took the decisive step and officially registered our company. By registering our business, we laid the foundation stone for Rebenross and began our journey as wine experts. Since then, we have been working passionately to offer our customers excellent wines and first-class service.

Trademark application

In December 2020, we reached another milestone: the trademark application for Rebenross. This step was of great importance to protect and secure our brand. Our unique logo means you can always recognise our wine.

Placement in local supermarkets

We recorded a significant success in 2021: The placement of Rebenross wine in local supermarkets. This expansion into retail allowed a wider target group to discover and enjoy our premium wines.

Online shop

In June 2021, we launched our online shop. This new platform offers our customers a convenient way to order and enjoy our high-quality wines directly from home. Our range is constantly being expanded and improved.

Our own wine glasses

Since September 2021, we have proudly presented our own wine glasses with the Rebenross logo. These exclusive glasses are used at wine tastings and wine events and enrich the enjoyment experience of our customers.

First major event

In August 2022, we took part in a major event for the first time: the wine festival in Peine. This première was an important milestone for us and offered the opportunity to present our wines to a wide audience and gain new customers. We were able to cater for several hundred people without any problems.

First winetasting

In October 2022, we organised our first winetasting at the Harz University of Applied Sciences in Wernigerode. The students were delighted with our wines and were able to take a lot away from the evening, not only tasting our Rebenross wines but also learning a lot about them.

1000th bottle of wine

In November 2022, we reached another significant milestone: we sold our 1000th bottle of wine! This success is a sign that our Rebenross wines are inspiring our customers.

Redesign of our website

In March 2024, we redesigned our website and added extensive content. In addition, an English version is now also available to cater to our international customers. We are proud to continue to expand our offering and provide our customers with an even better online experience.