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The Rebenross brings wine from small family businesses directly to Lower Saxony.

Discover first-class wines from the 13 German wine-growing regions in Lower Saxony! Although Lower Saxony is not known as a wine region, the Rebenross appreciates the North Germans’ love of excellent wines. That is why the Rebenross has made it its mission to bring traditionally produced wines from family-run wineries to northern Germany. The focus here is on special wines made from rare grape varieties or with unusual vinification methods that are less common in our region. In addition to the grape variety itself, the production of the wines also plays an elementary role. The Rebenross range only includes wines that have been produced and bottled in family businesses. This ensures exceptional quality that you will taste.

Rebenross Riesling Classic und Rebenross Chardonnay auf einer Decke im grünen Gras

Discover the magic of wine – where tradition meets pleasure and every bottle tells a story

Rebenross Riesling Classic und Rebenross Chardonnay auf einer Decke im grünen Gras

We maintain personal and friendly contact with every winemaking family. We focus on the product, the production and the families. By purchasing a wine from the Rebenross brand, you are supporting local agriculture and ensuring fair producer prices.

Rebenross favours the organic approach and only transports German wines to the north. This not only protects the hooves of our steed, but also the environment. With around 140 grape varieties authorised in Germany, there is a suitable wine for every taste. This does not require transport by plane or ship.

Experience the diversity of local grape varieties and see for yourself! Support local winegrowers and enjoy exclusive wines from Rebenross.

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The principle of Rebenross

The distribution of artisan wines in the food retail trade involves a lot of administrative and organisational work for small winegrowers. At the same time, there is often a lack of contact in distant regions, for example to establish a distribution channel to Lower Saxony. As a result, considerable potential in terms of flavour and sales is lost on both the customer and producer side.

In order to make exceptional wines accessible, wine lovers often have to go to the specialised trade to meet their requirements in terms of taste, quality and selection. Winegrowing families often sell a large proportion of their grapes to large wineries, where the product is often blended with others. As a result, not only does the quality suffer, but the producer prices do not reflect the effort required to produce high-quality wine.

The Rebenross brings traditionally produced wine from small family businesses directly to Lower Saxony. This gives connoisseurs the opportunity to consciously choose a product that stands for outstanding quality and fair producer prices due to its artisanal production. We want to strengthen the connection between small wineries and wine lovers in Lower Saxony.

All of our winegrowing families are personally known to us and come exclusively from one of the 13 German winegrowing regions. This allows us to keep transport distances short and protect the climate. You can find an overview of the German wine-growing regions here.

In order to make our outstanding wines accessible throughout Lower Saxony and beyond, we have set up an online shop. Here you can select your favourite varieties and have them conveniently sent to your home. Payment is made using standard payment methods. You can also find out about our shipping methods.

In close dialogue and a friendly atmosphere, we discuss the possibilities of selling unique products with the families. The focus is not only on the price, but also on the uniqueness of the wine. We focus in particular on grape varieties and types of vinification that you will not find on supermarket shelves in Lower Saxony.

As a wine lover, you will immediately recognise our wines thanks to the unique logo of the Rebenross brand. In addition to the quality and uniqueness of the wines, they also stand for fairness and enjoyment in Lower Saxony!

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