Our partners

We work closely with various companies and service providers in our region to offer our customers an all-round first-class experience. Find out more about our local partnerships on this page.

Hotel Mein Bergblick in Goslar-Hahnenklee

Nestled in the picturesque nature of the Harz Mountains is the Hotel Mein Bergblick, which was taken over in November 2021 and modernised by spring 2022. Surrounded by forests and meadows in the Upper Harz Mountains, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the valley from its newly renovated breakfast room and spacious terrace.

Hotel Harzresidenz in Thale

The Harzresidenz, on the highest elevation of the village of Ramberg (587 metres above sea level), offers a family-run hotel away from the noise of the road at the edge of the forest.

We regularly supply both hotels with our wines. In addition to a wine list, we have also supplemented the menu with suitable wine recommendations.

The partnership with Clayton Stonehouse came about because of the close connection between our companies, based on shared local roots and a long-standing friendship. Both companies are new to the market and share similar values and visions.

BTE is a tourism company from Hanover and Iris’ employer. This led to the partnership between our companies.